Franz Liszt: Piano Concerto N.2

Foto Santo Domingo

A couple of weeks ago I gave a masterclass at NYU-Steinhardt. One of the students, Chantal Balestri, performed the Liszt Second Piano Concerto. I have played this work several times, but the last time was about 10 years ago or so. Looking at the score again, and working on it with Chantal, brought back great memories of a wonderful musical experience I had in 2003, performing this concerto with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Miguel Harth-Bedoya. A fantastic orchestra, and a world-class conductor. By coincidence, a few days after the masterclass I learned that the FWSO musicians went on strike this past September, and that as of today (October 25th, 2016), all of their scheduled concerts are cancelled till the end of the year. This means these wonderful musicians are going through tough times, and I would like them to know I am thinking of them. I do not live in Fort Worth, and don’t know any of the details. I just hope that this situation (also happening in Pittsburgh, by the way) can be solved in a way that satisfies all parties, and allows the musicians the serenity and peace of mind to know their future in that organization is not in danger, and that they are valued for what they are worth: a lot. I hope the conditions can soon be met for them to resume their concerts. Listening to the FWSO in Bass Hall, and especially performing with them, is a truly marvelous experience, and I want to wish all of them the very best. Here is that Liszt Concerto we played together in 2003.