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Nights in the Gardens of Spain

Fifteen years ago, I performed Nights in the Gardens of Spain by Manuel de Falla. It was in Paris, with the Radio France Philharmonic. I never saw or heard that performance, although I knew it had been televised by the French national tv. Just a few days ago, I obtained a copy of the recording. It brought back many memories, and it reminded me of why I love this piece. It also made me ask myself: why have I not played it again, after that performance in Paris? I guess the opportunity never came, and I have been playing so much repertoire since then… Never say never, though. Right?

Originally conceived as Nocturnes for the piano, these three movements are best described using the composer’s own words: “Symphonic Impressions”. The piano plays here a wonderful role, and a very different one from that of the traditional romantic concertos: it is a co-protagonist, rather than a protagonist. The orchestral part is luscious, and the whole is as evocative as any music I know.

Foto Santo Domingo