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Van Cliburn

Foto Santo Domingo

Two years. It’s already been that long since our beloved Van Cliburn passed away. Aside from the geopolitical implications of his victory in the 1958 Tchaikovsky competition, which made him an American hero, why is Van Cliburn one of the greatest pianists of all time? After all, there are many others who played more concerts, made more records, had longer careers, a larger repertoire…

For me, the answer is simple. From the first time I heard his sound, I felt a real human being was speaking to me, baring his soul without mannerisms or sentimentality. A sense of purity, nobility, the perfect mix of the emotional and the rational pervaded his every phrase. I did not know much about him then, I did not even know what he looked like. Yet, when I met him many years later, he was exactly as his sound had told me he would be. A great human being who also happened to be a fantastic pianist.